Right Speech.

Well…  Good evening friends, and how many of you are listening?  How has your year been, and what are you imagining for the next?

If you’re not totally sure what is happening right now; A Path To Pursue is getting some new life.  Now that I’ve ventured into teaching yoga; I’m coming across questions and answers I’d like to expand on.  We’ll keep it short and sweet.

There is no separation of yoga and parenthood.

There is no separation of yoga and parenthood.

If you’re new to A Path To Pursue; I invite you to scroll through the history and have fun learning about my home life and family as well as the journey that brought me to where I am now.  If you’re already familiar with this little nook of the interwebs; I’ve missed you and look forward to connecting with you here.  Of course there are no rules, but you can expect less pictures of my kids (5% less or whatever I can manage) and more focused discussions about yogasana, yoga through the teaching eye, the theory, history, mythology, and every day application of yoga.  So much yoga, you guys…  So.  Much.  Yoga.

Love you,

Chow. (It’s dinner time in California)

*If you’re a parent/loved one of a child with cerebral palsy; I warmly welcome the conversation through messaging; though you may find less posts to that subject here on A Path To Pursue.

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