365 OF 29



Today is the last I’ll spend living in this thing called my twenties.  Time to reminisce.

There were lost shoes.

Lost friends.

Lost lives.

Snowy days locked out of my apartment.

Big bottles of wine.

Hunger for food; and for connection.

A yearning for meaning; for rootedness; an uncertainty in all things.

Walls.  I couldn’t/can’t acknowledge them all the time; but some how know to skirt the edges.

Blood and birth and turmoil and piercing, life shattering, heart breaking love.

And people.  Friends, family, romancers, passersby, and so called adversaries.  All of them teachers.

It’s said that we change a lot in our twenties, and not so much from there on out.

I’d say we change every moment of our lives; but don’t always keep editing our *story.

Today I have intensely bright love and wonder for this existence.  As a human being.


*Courage- To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.


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One thought on “365 OF 29

  1. I love that you make me think differently. Wishing you a long beautiful story to come. Happy Birthday, Rachel! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. xo

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