From Lizard To Crane

Sometimes our hopes are a little broken.  Perhaps all of the time, and maybe not just a little.

I’ve found that my most dependable life line to start feeling whole and dynamic again is through change.  If big change isn’t an option as it most often isn’t-  I change the breakfast I eat, the route I take to work, and always, the seat I take in class.

If you keep trying to pop into crane pose; and you still can’t figure out how to do it without severely bruising your triceps; change focus.  Change the angle.  Look at it from an odd or unlikely place.  If you can’t stop eating chocolate bars at 4pm; notice what you do every day at 4pm and change it in any direction you choose.

Being creatures of pattern has long served us in our survival as the human race.  Spotting and adhering to patterns is what made us assume that every rattle in the tree meant something, and so we would react accordingly…  Jumping off the trail just before the mountain lion sinks his teeth.  And then staying the hell away from that nick of the woods.

But breaking free of patterns is what takes us from existing to being; to experiencing.  Shift your mind generously and reserve the lizard brain for your next swim with the sharks.

Much love, folks.  Thanks for stopping to listen.  Go do something weird.

It's big up there.

It’s big up there.

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